Learn how to reach ‘God Consciousness’ with Deepak Chopra’s ‘The Third Jesus’

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Deepak Chopra is an author, public speaker, and alternative medicine advocate. He is also a prominent figure in the New Age Movement. He often discusses meditation, spirituality, and religion in his books.

What can you learn from Jesus?

In many cases, the story of Jesus Christ can teach and inspire us to be kind and to help out others. However, there is also another version of Jesus who is used by many Churches and religious leaders to discriminate and oppress.

So who is Jesus really and what does he want to teach humankind?

In the book The Third Jesus: The Christ We Cannot Ignore by Deepak Chopra, Chopra breaks down all the images of Jesus and explains why the third Jesus, the most important version according to the author, is the one that we should learn the most from.

But before we get into Chopra’s reasoning, we must first look at the three different versions of Jesus Christ. Here are short summaries for each:

1) Historical Jesus

This Jesus is the one that is talked about historically (the historical figure). He is the kind rabbi that wandered the streets preaching equality, love, kindness, and peace. But the problem with this version, as Chopra says, is that there is still too much mystery behind him as much of his life’s history wasn’t recorded.

2) Theological Jesus

This Jesus is the Jesus that the Church created (the “one and only incarnation of God”). This is the version of Jesus that is represented in the New Testament. He is prejudice and intolerant, and he is the version that is used to oppress people.

3) The Third Jesus

This is the Jesus that teaches us how to reach God Consciousness or universal wisdom. This is the Jesus that Chopra believes we should not ignore because this is the version that can help us reach enlightenment. He says that by practicing this Jesus’s teachings, we can shift our consciousness.

According to Chopra, to become enlightened, or gain universal wisdom, you have to practice the teachings of the third Jesus, which are to find out who you are (via meditation and contemplation) and to spread love and compassion. And by filling yourself with positivity and understanding, you can attain “God Consciousness.”

The Third Jesus is a great book for anyone who wants to know more about Christianity or Jesus’ teachings. Or if you are a person who is interested in learning about New Age spirituality, this book is a great choice too.

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