Hey, what’s up? I’m Nam, and I am an English tutor and blogger.

I have been running my tutoring business for more than 5 years and have been blogging for about the same amount of time. If you were to ask little kid me what the perfect job would be, my answer would probably be something very similar to what I am doing as a job now.

See, ever since I was a kid, I have always wanted to be self-employed. Maybe it’s because I am rebellious and don’t like having a boss or maybe… no, it’s because I don’t like being bossed around. But being self-employed has its own challenges and hurdles that I didn’t expect when I started my businesses.

So after a few years of failing and failing (or what felt like failure), I started to feel depressed and anxious. I questioned my purpose and didn’t know what my goals were; I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life.

I started to be really negative and blamed all my problems on other people. I even took it personally when my friends or family made jokes about my life or career choices, even though they were just teasing me and didn’t have any ill intent at all.

But one day, I told myself enough was enough, and I didn’t want to feel shitty anymore. So for the span of a few months, I worked on being positive and grateful. I forced myself to only look at the positive side of bad situations and forced myself to be grateful for all that I had.

Eventually, I became more positive and happier. But don’t be fooled, I still get stressed out and anxious. The only difference is that now it happens much less and I am able to curb the negativity when it arises.

And I guess that’s what I want to help you do via this blog.

I want to help you be positive and want to help you learn new things.

So what can you expect from this blog?

Well, you can expect to see tips on how to be more positive. You will also see tips on how to write better, how to be more productive, and how to learn more efficiently.

So basically, this blog is about being a student of life and how you can improve as a human.

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